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Our advantage

Rich experience in researching and producing
--more than 20- years experience in paper pulp molding industry --more than 20-year experience in researching and developing egg tray machines
--one of the earliest companies that devote to paper pulp molding industry in China
--the only manufacturing factory who allows customers to study the egg tray producing line in filed  The most complete production line --over 100 kinds of paper pulp production lines offering various inner and outer packaging products, such as egg tray, fruit tray,seedling tray and other process packaging products.
 --automatic and semi-automatic production lines are available. We also customize the special production line according to customers’ needs.  The most thoughtful installation and after-sale service
--each of our technical staff has at least five years practical operating experience of producing machinery equipment --we offer a whole technical instruction for the producing process of paper pulp products
--24-hours’ hot line is on to ensure we can timely communication with customers and resolve their problems.

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